PICASSO’S CHRIST is a quest to authenticate and solve the bizarre mystery of a previously unknown Picasso drawing, “Christ,” dated 1906. Forced to navigate the heinous underworld of the Picasso’s possible previous owner—New York art dealer Andrew Crispo—the filmmakers land in a web of lies, murder, and bizarre encounters, including a 25-year trail leading to the infamous New York maximum- security prison, Attica.

At first glance the sketch appears to be an authentic work of the artist, however several attempts to have it authenticated have been roadblocked and the murky, sometimes notorious, history of it’s previous owners leaves more questions than answers.

But one thing is for certain, all have been smitten by it’s beauty, curious by it’s bizarre pedigree and encouraging to the goal of the mission: discover the truth; is “Christ | 1906” an authentic work of art by Pablo Picasso? Is it real, or fake?