Over the past 14 years, many hours of footage have been shot documenting a significant part of this journey. Our team feels that approximately 60% of the documentary/docu-series has been filmed.

Significant interviews to date.

Andrew Crispo (notorious gallerist)


Bernard LeGeros (convicted of murder, released)
Bernard LeGeros paroled after three decades for Stony Point S&M murder

Special Agent Robert Wittman (FBI, Retired)


Eric Spoutz (convicted document forger, released) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Ian_Spoutz

Dave Hickey (famed art critic, deceased)


Shepard Fairey (prolific artist)


David France (journalist, author, award-winning documentary filmmaker) https://www.davidfrance.com/

Christine Guernsey (former president of the International Society of Appraisers) http://fineartofappraising.com/

Ron Hall (art dealer, film producer, philanthropist, author)